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house. they are looking at the front paul, rand paul, congressman ryan and marco rubio and scott walker, also raising eyebrows, favorite neurosurgeon ben carson who jokingly hinted at a possible white house run himself. >> let's say you magically put me into the white house. [ cheers and applause ] >>> i'm arthel nevil and back with the straw poll results. right now get you back to cavuto on business. see you soon. >> neil: welcome back. demand for oil is going down as america's production of shale oil keeps going up. connection? >> it has yoko saying oh, no and daryl hannah, we are not going to provide an example of yoko's singing. we have dagen here we must can doing something right? >> absolutely. when you have opec mad at you because you are not using enough oil and hollywood mad at you because you are oil, period and producing it it's a perfect world. >> neil: very well put. >> you know what, you only need to talk to the people of north dakota. lowest unemployment rate in the entire country, 3.2%. that is one of the biggest destinations for americans as they are moving around the c
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1